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mikazuki munechika recipe

The female felt the familiar tingling sensation in her throat and gently felt for the small handkerchief in her pocket. The small piece of fabric was soon pressed against her mouth as a wave of coughs wreaked her whole body. Tears prickled the corner of her eyes as she cleared her throat in the hopes of clearing the metallic and earthy taste of blood and flowers in her mouth. Discreetly glancing at the handkerchief before folding and pocketing it away, the girl resumed her rather nonchalant demeanor.

mikazuki munechika recipe

Lately, petals the half size of her palm began to appear in rich red colours that sometimes she could not tell if it was blood or not. Short drabbles of a unnamed male saniwa with different characters. Saniwa is never named, but is a small trans boy. The chapters are all relatively related, who cares, I want to smooch all the swords and show them how much I love them.

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  • The past is part of a person, following one as if a shadow. A young woman decides to become a Saniwa to escape from her past. Prologue Or ascent to hell 2. Weltschmerz Yamanbagiri, Sayo, Imanotsurugi, Midare 3. Schlemiel Gokotai, Shishiou 4.

    mikazuki munechika recipe

    Chuunibyou Ookurikara, Yamanbagiri, Sayo, Gokotai 5. Backpfeifengesicht Mikazuki Munechika 7. Hermeneutics Kasen, Sayo, Souza Saudade Namazuo, Honebami Xenia Nakigitsune, Taroutachi He had lost his chance ever since he deflowered her that night. Or he was the one being deflowered, he had no idea. A collection of short stories about my characters and swords, and the many ways in which they love or discover their love. Some stories are in the Iroha setting while others are AU. Most stories are pure fluff but others are explicit NSFW. NSFW chapters are noted at the start. For a moment silence dawned between the couple and it made the girl more nervous as the raven-haired warrior did not immediately answer. Embarrassment flooded her cheeks for having being quite straight forward with her intentions, hoping that Mikazuki would not consider her to be too brazen with her words--but a small part of her hoped that the said man would possibly accept her invitation. With a hesitant glance and burning face, the young woman allowed herself a look at the quiet warrior beside her only to find him smiling like his usual self although she saw a faint glint of slyness. Presently, books of medicine and research papers littered both the ornate desk and hardwood floors of the office.

    mikazuki munechika recipe

    There were very few records of the disease and it was only after pouring over the different volumes of literature that she had uncovered the name of her ailment. A dry, painful cough would rack her body forcing her to bend over while covering her mouth in hopes of muffling the noise in fear of anyone hearing. Beautiful flowers poured out of her mouth, clumping in groups as they would scatter over the forgotten documents. It was almost routine for the Saniwa to examine the petals which would vary in different colours. It was ironic to have fallen in love when the Saniwa had sworn that she would refrain from doing so when she recited all those ancient oaths. She considered it to be a form of punishment from the Gods, a cruel yet just one. Soon enough, Mitsutada left the room only to return with two wrapped packages. The younger swords crowded over to get their slice of cake while others were content in waiting for their turn. Eventually the cake was served and sadly it was found that there was an insufficient amount of cake to go around leading the Saniwa to offer her own piece of cake to Ichigo who gave away his own slice to Yagen earlier on. He quietly watched as the girl blinked twice before leaning in to take a bite of the offered cake from the bright-eyed Akita. A time where feelings and emotions transcend and intertwine to form the fates of a human and a god. With a mafia past, a young lady who worked for numerous underground organisations, Sen, becomes a sage in exchange for huge amount of debts owed by her family. Ruthless and cold, many swords came to life with her powers. Fujiwara Sayuri has taken the place of her mother as the new Saniwa of the Fujiwara household. Upon coming of age, she receives twelve swords that have been serving their family for generations. Join her as she lives her days as a Saniwa and learns more about the mysterious swords in her possession.

    Recipe Report - Mikazuki Munechika

    Perhaps there is more to these swords than merely being tools for battle. A story about Mikazuki Munechika and Aki Wakatsuki same heroine as Iroha and the many facets of their relationship. Sebilah mata pedang di altar memanggilku dengan kilau cahayanya. Seolah tak sabar untuk dibangkitkan.

    [พากย์ไทย] ปู่ - Mikazuki Munechika

    Namun aku tak tahu nama dan jiwa seperti apa yang bersemayam di dalamnya. Dan ia pun bersinar terang, menyilaukan. Saniwa - Dying is one of the few things he knows. You knew you came back for a reason and that was to destroy. Top of Work Index.

    mikazuki munechika recipe

    Remember Me Forgot password. The treacherous moon by suzie8 Fandoms: Spider Lily by yukiyatori Fandoms: Shadows Within Kisses by Meredy90 Fandoms: Crescent Moon by ryuukossei Fandoms:.

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