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The Humminbird Piranha MAX i Fish Finder is one of fabulous fish finding device that overcomes all the struggling factors of fish tracing.

Humminbird PiranhaMAX 176i - Нижний Новгород

This fish finder product constitute of highly inbuilt internal GPS which allow you to visualize the waypoints, chart plotting, tracking distance and the speed of the fishes. The Humminbird Piranhamax i fish finder device works based on the dual beam sonar unit and an inbuilt GPS receiver. The dual beam sonar unit helps to detect the fish in the deep sea water and other types of waterbeds. It helps to reveal the bottom contouring and better coverage on the fish targeting.

PiranhaMAX 176i PT

This tilting and swivel bracket type fish finder devices helps you to adjust the reading on the display screen. The backlighting inbuilt in this fish finder helps to allow the user to make use of this product during the night time.

humminbird piranhamax 176i kayak

It consists of the temperature sensor unit to sense the water type for efficient fish tracing. The clear edge grayscale display unit is equipped withstand against the extreme sun light. This fish finding device is perfect in fulfilling the user needs and is suitable for most of the smaller type of boats. This low price fish finder device is easy to fix and use and is considered as one of the good choices for the fishermen to have it in their boats for fish tracking.

humminbird piranhamax 176i kayak

The internal GPS receiver equipped with the display unit helps to find the way points on the mapping system affixed with this fish finder device. The internal GPS tracking system helps to provide the mapping of routes about the direction of the fishes under the deep sea.

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  • The dual sonar beam operates at two different angles such as a 16 degree narrow beam and a 28 degree wide beam. The Humminbird Piranha MAX i Fish Finder device is a four inch multicolor display unit, which helps to display reading and other alert information about the fish arrival and other natural calamities around the ship.

    humminbird piranhamax 176i kayak

    This fish finding devices constitute the ability to store the waypoints ranging up to points such that it can be tilted at various angles to figure out the fishes in an accurate measure. This H x V high resolution grayscale display unit clearly points out the readings on the screen for the user reference.

    humminbird piranhamax 176i kayak

    It works on the dual solar beam of KHz and KHz and the depth capacity ranges up to Pros — high beam coverage, map the way points in an accurate measure, simple to fix. The Humminbird is a compact device and is simple to use and is hence the best option to purchase for tracking the fishes. This fish finding device is affordable to be used for both marine water and fresh water.

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    It is portable to setup in every boat for helping the fishermen for easy fish tracing. Log into your account. Humminbird Piranhamax i Review The Humminbird Piranhamax i fish finder device works based on the dual beam sonar unit and an inbuilt GPS receiver. How Does It Function. What Makes The Device Special. What Are The Key Features.

    humminbird piranhamax 176i kayak

    Purchase This Product on Amazon. Humminbird Fishin Buddy c Review. Bryant Rios - October 7, 0. Our Website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

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